Blake’s Birth Story

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I really wanted to do a water birth, but being inexperienced and clueless, I kept my thoughts to myself.

When I became pregnant with Buddy in summer of 2007, I wanted a different experience than I had with my daughter. I sought out a midwife rather than a doctor and I made it clear I wanted to do a water birth (unbeknownst to me in the beginning that this would be an at home water birth. Naive me thought water births could be done in hospital or somewhere other than home? Who knows what I was thinking; it was a long time ago!)

My pregnancy in general was great with Buddy. My midwives were great. The whole experience was so much better than it was the first time with my daughter.

It took some prep work to make sure we had everything we needed on hand for an at home birth. We rented the birthing tub (a portable hot tub) from a local company and set it up in our bedroom so that a) it could be set up in advance and b) I could have some privacy during birth. I was really excited about the entire pregnancy, how well things were going and birthing at home in the water (complete opposite of my first born!)

Tedious, but I have to share this part of the story. Oh, and keep in mind that his due date was May 1st.

On Thursday the 24th of April, I went to pre-natal yoga. It was the first time I had ever done yoga, but all of my friends were attending yoga and I felt left out. So two of them came with me to pre-natal yoga. (Yes, I think I was crazy to attempt yoga at 9 months pregnant, but hey- I did it all!)

Friday night I had good, steady contractions, but nothing consistent.

Saturday, we went swimming like we always did and again, good, steady contractions, but nothing consistent until labor set in at 3am Sunday morning (the 27th).

I got up about 3am having contractions and pain. I attempted working through it by myself until I had to get hubby up at 4am. He called the midwives and they stated to just work through it and they would begin to get ready to come our way. (Mind you, at this time we lived a good hour away from “civilization”.)

Around 7-8am, another call was placed and I was told I could start laboring in the water if I wanted to. I jumped at that chance! The water was so calming and relaxing and the contractions felt like nothing at all. I was good to go!

At this point, I still have no recollection of timeline. I know at some point they had me walk around the block which was a task in and of itself. I would take a few steps and then hunch forward in so much pain from the contractions. When I got home – it was back in the water for some comfort.

I recall at some point trying to push, but wasn’t getting far. I recall forcefully breaking my water outside of the tub on a birthing chair and then back in the tub to push. I remember them telling me that he once was low and getting ready to come, but since my water broke, he essentially got sucked back up.

In short, I was once making progress and now there was no progress.

And the horrible back pain I was experiencing at this point – he had flipped so he was facing my back rather than facing up like he should have been.

At this point, I was told to stop pushing (regardless of the severe need to push) and that a decision had to be made. I could make the decision to try and continuing birthing at home (which no one knew how that would progress) or I could go to a hospital (at which my reply was I wasn’t doing anything outside of that water without pain medication).

This was roughly 5pm. I had already been in labor for 13 hours and I was exhausted. I couldn’t go much further. So we loaded everyone up and drove the normal 30-45 minute drive to the hospital in like 15 minutes with me still in labor in the front seat.

Upon arrival, I was brought into a room and changed into a gown. (Please imagine all this through horribly painful contractions. Looking back, I must’ve looked pretty funny!) I was told I had a 50/50 chance of delivering naturally or by c-section and that I could have no pain meds until they took some blood from me.

I finally got the doctor to listen to me and informed him I was a strep-B carrier (I had tested positive with my first born and was told that once a carrier, always a carrier. My midwives never tested me so it wasn’t something anyone had asked about prior to this point.) Since I had not been given antibiotics to prevent passing this to my baby, a c-section was now going to happen. (At this point, the only thing I wanted was this baby OUT!)

Let me share; having an “emergency” doctor for delivery who knows nothing of me, my baby, my pregnancy, my situation – was not my idea of a good time. Everything from labor and delivery to post natal care/follow-ups were such a cold, informal, impersonal situation. This was completely different than having an “emergency, on call” doctor from the same practice – this was a complete stranger.

At this point, I was wheeled off to the operating room, where I was given a spinal (instead of an epidural where it’s an IV in your spine, this is a single injection in the spine) in the midst of a painful contraction and from there on out I was in heaven. I literally told them that I was fine now and they could take their time.

My little Buddy was born some time after 8pm via c-section weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 15 ounces. There was concern of him being diabetic due to being such a large baby, but we were lucky that he was completely healthy.

There is certainly more to Buddy’s story than just his birth story, but it’s a good place to start. I will need to find Kadenn and Adalynn’s birth story and continue Blake’s story (it has been quite the ride!) but for today, I wanted to share his birth story as he celebrates his 12th birthday! xo

Happy birthday Buddy!

We love you!

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