Kid Friendly Things to Do

I have been working on this list of kid friendly things to do far longer than I intended to, but it was time to hit publish. I will continue to add more kid friendly things to do as I find more things, and will continue to update my Educational Resources page as I come across more resources.

Without further ado, here are your kid friendly things to do!


This super cute Frozen 2 paper mache mobile looks simple enough! You could even make the items out of clay if you wanted! (Although then you would need a stronger stick and string/wire to hang them!)

I have been pinning to my Crafts for Kids Pinterest board like crazy this week with things for the kids to do! Check it out! If you have anything that fits on that board, shoot it over to me! I’d love to pin it!

Liz On Call is an amazing, local blogger who I adore so of course, I am going to share her kid crafts with you all!!

Happiness is Homemade has an entire category for kids that has crafts, activities and printables to help keep the kiddos occupied!

Someone referred me to A Girl and Her Glue Gun’s Instagram, but let me tell you – her blog is where it is at!! All sorts of crafts to do with the kids!!

Draw, paint, color with crayons, color with colored pencils, try your hand at clay – whatever makes you feel crafty!! Don’t forget to Google “printable coloring sheets” for some free fun!

Make some calming jars!

Forget the kids, I may take these free art classes for myself!! How cool that they are doing these art lessons for the kiddos!!

These toilet paper roll crafts are too cute!

Outside + the sun + shadows = a fun drawing activity for the kids! has some super cute, fun crafts to do! I definitely added some of these to my own personal list!!


Print out these Frozen 2 printable games for Frozen Memory card game; a Frozen “Find the Differences”; and a Frozen maze!

Thirty Handmade Days shares their favorite family games!

She also provides directions and printables for a card game called Knock, as well as some other card game ideas (scroll down to the bottom of the Knock post to see 5 other card games!)

Bring out all those board games you have hiding in the closet and play away!


Make a Frozen inspired lunch with an Olaf sandwich, Sven horns and other fun creative ideas! Use this post for your inspiration! (Or copy it!)

While our weather is warmer, I know some people are still getting snow! Warm up with Elsa’s Hot Cocoa while those of us in the warmer climates can make Elsa’s Frozen Popsicles!

Make some Sven Bread!

Now is a great time to teach the kids to cook and bake! Let each kid pick out an easy recipe one day and help them prepare a meal for the entire family! It’s a great way to teach without really teaching!


Thank goodness for bloggers like Thirty Handmade Days! She has an entire list of activities for your preschool aged children!

Don’t worry, she’s got us covered for teens too!

Sign up for a FREE Beachbody account and get FREE kid friendly workouts!

Free printable word search puzzles from Me and My Inklings!

I’m Bored Jar from Somewhat Simple, with a printable sheet for the activities!

While she doesn’t give links or directions, The Annoying Birdy has some great ideas to keep littles busy! They all seemed easy enough to figure out!

While schools remain closed, Audible is providing stories for the littles!

Okay, so not everyone is going to have the mold on hand, but if you have any type of silicone pan, it still works! If you live in Arizona and it’s the summertime – you don’t even need the oven! Just leave them outside! (Yes, we did it one summer! We did LEGO men!) DIY Dinosaur Crayons

Print out this BINGO board and have a reading challenge! Make it fun! Maybe a small prize for every BINGO they get and a big prize if they get a blackout! But make it challenging too! The reading has to be so many minutes (for me, it’s usually 15-30 minutes). Get creative with it!

Read!! Individual read, read aloud, however you prefer to do it – just read! Need a book suggestion? I have everything from children to young adult to adult book reviews on Leels Loves Books!

Cleaning is never any fun, but it is a good time for Spring cleaning, decluttering, and getting rid of clothes your kids no longer wear or toys they no longer play with!

Check out these fun activities that Libby’s Outdoor Maintenance shared on their Facebook page! No instructions, but they seem pretty self explanatory!

Do the 30 day Lego Challenge!!

Every weekday morning at 9am, Body Coach Joe is doing P.E. with kid friendly workouts on his YouTube channel!! If you miss him live, all of his videos are on YouTube and ready for the kids!

Someone shared in one of my groups; this “Giant List of Ideas for Being Home with Kids”. It’s got some great ideas on there!

Build a fort!! The Navy SEALS even offered a challenge to kids!!

Have an indoor scavenger hunt!!

Barefoot Books created downloadable kid kits for a variety of topics to keep them occupied!


Minecraft Math coloring sheets (and color by number) for the kids!

Create print or cursive handwriting worksheets for the early learners to continue practicing their handwriting skills (or learn a new to them skill of cursive!)

Watch the live animal webcams from Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute!

Head on over to Google Earth where you can take a virtual tour of 31 National Parks in the US!

Me and My Inklings has educational resources, printables, and coloring sheets!! Tons of great things to do!!

Someone in my mom’s group shared her friend’s packets. It appears there is Pre-K through 8th grade learning packets to do while the kids are out of school!

ABCMouse does offer a 30 day free trial.

Here are more virtual field trips for the kids!!

Oh my goodness, have you checked out Storyline Online!? They read books to the kids!! I love this idea and actually did a few videos myself when I was reviewing children’s books for Experiencing Parenthood!

The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey
Donkey’s Kite
Hey, Baby, Look!
Kika the Upside Down Girl (my oldest who was 10 in this video and is now 14!!!)

I love this idea for the little ones learning to write!! One of my favorite elementary school memories was writing on our desks in shaving cream, but let’s be real; pudding is better!! Muddy Pigs Alphabet Writing Tray

Check out this list of Virtual Field Trips for the kids to take!

HOLY MOLY this list is huge!! Here is a GIANT list of educational resources!!

Science Mom has videos and worksheets to go along with their projects!

I stumbled across even MORE virtual field trips!

Y’all, this list alone has taken me nearly two weeks (in conjunction with the resource list I compiled). I don’t how some people have time to find all these, but check out all these worksheets and homeschool resources!!

Math and reading printable activity packets for grades Kindergarten through 8th!

Here are tons of homeschool resources listed by subject!

Even Lakeshore Learning (one of our favorite stores) is sharing all kinds of resources, worksheets, and videos!

I created a page of educational resources that includes lessons, learning games, all different subjects, and all different grade and age levels – including the younger ones (ie: Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, online puzzles, and coloring sheets!)


Do you have an ADHD child? This article provides some awesome advice for trying to schedule the day with learning and ADHD.

These online resources for high school/transition special education are great!

Do you have anything to add? Feel free to leave a comment or email me at heymizb (at) to add to either list!

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