Math Minecraft Coloring Sheets

I originally shared this post on Life as Leels like four years ago. Sadly, I can still say that Minecraft is popular in our home which I guess works out!

I still know nothing about the game or how to play it myself, but since my kids enjoy it so much; these math Minecraft coloring sheets are great. My kids did them when I first posted, but again, that was four years ago so they can do them again! (Plus, there is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – something for everyone!)

Math Minecraft Coloring Sheets

I can’t take credit for this. I originally found it four years ago on FSM Blogs, but appears that is no longer a blog! When I Googled, I found the site Coloring Squared has them!

I did a little further digging and found not only multiplication and division, but addition and subtraction MineCraft coloring sheets for my younger child! They even have color by number for the ones who aren’t quite up on their math problems yet!

What a great way to incorporate learning into something kids love!

I know I will be printing out several of these coloring sheets for my kids to do for the next few weeks – they enjoyed them four years ago so I am sure they will love them still!

Do you have a MineCraft crazy kid or know someone who does? Be sure to share with them!

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