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This go-round, I am all about sharing all of my life experiences. I am writing for myself. I am writing for those who feel like they are alone and going through this crazy journey by themselves when in reality, someone somewhere has been where they are. (Usually me!)

I don’t care about having the best photos and making the pin-able post and having everyone share it. I just want the words on the screen to reach that one person who needs to see it and have the words I share mean something to them.

People go through various journeys in life and experience extreme ups and downs, but no one shares those journeys.

Someone goes through it alone and survives but keeps it to themselves. The next person goes through it and beats themselves up because clearly, no one else has ever experienced the same experience because if they had; they would have shared, right? WRONG. People don’t share enough which is why I am sharing. If my journey – if my experience – can help someone else traverse through successfully, by golly, I am going to share it.

I never, ever want someone to feel alone on their journey. I have experience far too much in my life to not share with others. I have experienced the loneliness and I never want someone else to feel that way.

I won’t put myself in a niche or a box or a crate. I am too much of a person to do that. Not one person is only a parent seeking parenting advice. Not one person is a pet lover who only wants pet posts.

On Miz B you will find the parenting posts, the pet posts, maybe the craft posts, maybe a recipe post, the books we love to read as a family, the mental health struggles. You will find it all because it encompasses my life.

Our lives are not put neatly into a box. Our journeys are not just one path that we walk down and neither will be what I share.

So sit back, relax, grab some coffee, and enjoy the ride. Hopefully you will find something buried in here that resonates with you or can help you or gives you that extra push to move forward.

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  1. Sam Rennick

    January 31, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Dear Ms. Brenner,
    I want to thank you for your thoughtful review of my novel, “Stefan’s Promise,” appearing on your blog today. It is encouraging that you found my description of the era “insightful,” since, as you say, you were not yet born. This is important for an author, to depict a time, in which readers have no direct knowledge, persuasively. I also appreciate that you liked my prose, even though it apparently took a little getting used to. (I may even adopt your made-up adjective, “olden.”) Finally, thank you for including in your review that you found my story absorbing. That might be the best praise of all.
    Sincerely yours,
    Sam Rennick

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