Pickle Roll Up Dip Recipe

This post will go to every blog I ever own because it is, hands down, the best dip recipe you will ever try and will be the only dip recipe you will ever need in the future. Your friends and family will be begging you to bring pickle roll up dip to every get together!

This is not only the #1 recipe sought out on Life as Leels (the predecessor to Miz B.) but is the #1 recipe sought out by friends and family alike!

Pickle roll up dip has always been made for holidays with my family and now that I have moved and have my own family; it is made for my family and hubby’s family on holidays. We even gifted a special tin of the pickle roll up dip to hubby’s mom for Christmas one year! It is that good!

It is the perfect dip to share for the holidays, for parties, during the football games; any time you need a snack! Plus the simple, few ingredients make it the ultimate win!

Pickle Roll Up Dip Recipe

– 3 packs of deli meat; 2 beef & 1 corned beef is the recommended recipe, but hubby has altered ours to 2 corned beef & 1 pastrami
– 1 cup dill pickles, chopped
– 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
– 3/4 cup mayo (MAYO, not Miracle Whip! Miracle Whip is too sweet!)
– Crackers (we prefer Triscuits)

– Mix the cream cheese and mayo together, either by hand or using a hand mixer until smooth.
– Chop up the dill pickles to equal 1 cup
– Cut the deli meat into little pieces
– Mix the dill pickles and deli meat into the cream cheese/mayo mixture.
– Chill
– Serve with crackers or chips.

Want to print the recipe to keep for later? I made a printable image for you! (Clicking the image will take you to a full size image in my Google Drive that you can print!)

Pickle Roll Up Dip Recipe

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