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St. Patrick’s Day Kid Crafts

I enjoy crafting, I really do. And I love St. Patrick’s Day. My problem is that I am not in the least bit creative so coming up with St. Patrick’s Day kid crafts on my own? Not so much.

It’s why I prefer to find a guest writer or to share round-ups when it comes to crafts, but I do have a couple rules when it comes to sharing crafts:

(1) It has to be something I could and/or would make. If I look at a craft and feel it is just too messy, too much, or just not for me; I’m not sharing it.

(2) It cannot have ten million steps. I’m a busy mom with three kids, a full time job, blog, and side gig. I don’t have time for ten million steps. If it ain’t quick, I’m not sharing!

With that said, here is a St. Patrick’s Day kid crafts round up I originally did for Life as Leels, but am now moving over here!

Are you ready?


Upcycled Yogurt Cups for St. Patrick’s Day Treats from
Easy Shamrock Canvas Art from We Know Stuff
DIY St. Patrick’s Day Headband from Meaningful Mama
Leprechaun Hat Treat Cups from
Rainbow Windchime from Creative Green Living
Paper 4 Leaf Clover from Meaningful Mama
DIY Rainbow Necklace from Mommy’s Bundle
Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops
Edible Rainbow from Finding Zest
Leprechaun Hats from Meaningful Mama
Easy Dot Art Shamrock from Ginger Casa
DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wand from About Family Crafts
St. Patrick’s Day Bucket O’ Gold from
Leprechaun Hat Treats for St. Patrick’s Day from The Country Chic Cottage

Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day kid craft you would like to share with us?

Leave it in the comments – with a link – and we will check it out!

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